100+ Projects In The Northeast Florida Area

With a history of more than 100+ projects in the Northeast Florida area, the principals at BHK Capital have developed 25,000 single-family lots and four million feet of industrial space in Jacksonville. BHK Capital is currently developing 3,000 acres into a residential community of 999 homes, commercial space complete with hotels, professional offices, medical campus, and much more.

While BHK Capital serves mainly the Southeastern region of the U.S., BHK Capital also co-manages a Delaware portfolio consisting of 40 projects focused on residential, commercial, industrial, and retail development.


  • Acquisition of real estate investments, including residential and commercial projects, and warehouse properties
  • Real estate asset management
  • Property management
  • Investment evaluation
  • Real estate investment disposition strategies
  • Bridging investments with real estate investment advisory
  • Construction management
  • Land development